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At Creative Mind Events-Crafts & More, LLC, our classes and tutorials are the perfect way to unleash your creativity and learn new DIY skills. Our courses cater to beginners to advanced. You'll master new techniques, skills, methods, and secrets to take your projects to the next level. Sign up today and discover the joy of creating something beautiful and unique with your own hands.

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Learn The Basics: Organic & Column Balloons

Are you interested in learning the skills of organic balloon designs or creating beautiful column balloons? Look no further than Creative Mind Events-Crafts & More, LLC! Our classes and tutorials are perfect for beginners looking to advance their skills and for experienced artists looking to learn new techniques. We are passionate about sharing our love for event decoration and would love to help you bring your creative visions to life.

Hobby Lobby Wooden Arch Panel Chiara Backdrops Pt.2

In this tutorial hack watch how I step-by-step turn two Wooden Arch Panel Backdrops from Hobby Lobby into three Chiara Backdrops which is great for any special occasion and or event.


Hobby Lobby WoodenArch Panel Chiara Backdrops Pt.1

In this part two tutorial I show you how I achieved the completed Wooden Arch Panels into a Chiara and half Arch backdrop. See the pros and cons, materials used and the beautiful outcome at my sister's baby shower.

Sublimation Tumbler w/ 3D Topper

 In this step-by-step tutorial learn the best hacks and techniques to achieve stunning results in sublimation tumblers. I'll show you how to design a sublimation tumbler with a 3D topper.

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